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Ken Borochov made his New York Fashion Week debut as a jewelry designer with his first runway collection, held at Milk Studios. His jewelry line called Mordekai by Ken Borochov was a loud and fabulous statement about self expression and confidence, featuring pastel chains, mohawk headpieces, and layers of metal flowers. “I wanted to do a very big collection that touches upon  lot of different themes that I’ve done in the past,” said Ken.

With metal cages on models’ heads and chastity belts around their waists, Borochov wanted his collection to speak about the false expectations and constraints we have in our lives. “It also speaks to how our world is so censored and how we’re put into all these different cages but that doesn’t mean that’s who we are. You see this progression in the show, by the end she’s free,” he said.

Other pieces included real flowers dipped in resin and horse hair ponytails. All of the 24-carat plating was done at an auto shop, so the pieces are durable and will last longer than typical plated jewelry.

He describes his collection as fantasy showpieces. “I really believe in a universe, I want a place where people can escape. I want to give fantasy, I want to make you dream. That’s what fashion means to me,” he said.

The designer has been creating jewelry for three years but wasn’t ready to present his pieces in a runway show until recently. “I was in a really good place. I’ve done really great projects, so I felt more secure. I don’t think I could’ve done this my first season. I thought I could, but now I see it and I feel like this is the perfect time for this to happen.” he said.

Borochov didn’t plan on designing jewelry in his career path. He went to fashion school but worked in retail and styling for several years before he discovered jewelry design. “It was very organic. It wasn’t anything planned. It’s not like I grew up dreaming about being a king,” he said. Stylists discovered pieces he’d made in his spare time and used them in photoshoots. Once he began selling his jewelry, he was noticed by two very famous musicians. He made several pieces for Lady Gaga, including her golden wheelchair and the claw she wore promoting her perfume, and designed all of the jewelry Nicki Minaj wore on her first tour.

Borochov loves the strength and intrigue his designs give people. “I like the idea of empowering people through the jewelry. When someone puts a crown on it’s amazing what kind of reaction [people] have,” he said. Wearing a headpiece with the word “queen” at the top will definitely make anyone powerful and noticed!

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