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Samantha Pleet revealed her Spring/Summer 2014 collection with a film premiere party at The Wolverine Company Store during New York Fashion Week.  Her designs are dreamy and playful and the film reflects how much she enjoys creating them. “Every piece is really special. We like to experiment and have fun!” said the designer.

The inspiration behind her collection, titled “Arcadia,” came from artists Gauguin and Rousseau. Like them, she searches for a beautiful world and wants the women wearing her designs to do the same. “What is paradise?” she asked. Arcadia is about discovering this place that many artists look for, and then sometimes leaving it in search of another adventure. “If you’ve found it, is that paradise or is it leaving it? And if you’ve always had it would it be leaving paradise and coming to the city?” she said.

Pleet referenced the movie, “Daisies” and Charles Darwin’s voyage to the coast of South America as driving forces behind her self-discovery film. “I want people to have fun when they’re seeing it. I think that’s part of having a film because they can just sit back and have a drink and watch something that will make them laugh,” she said. Behind the scenes, everyone on set had great chemistry. Her husband made the raft and her friend Hannah Metz helped her create the headpieces.

Arcadia is meant to make women feel like beautiful goddesses. “I want them to embody their inner selves with the clothes. We do so many styles in the collection and there’s something for everybody,” she said. Pleet designed this collection for people like her friends who view things differently. “It really says something about who they are and that they look at the world in a whimsical way,” she said.

Pleet created all of the unique prints exclusively for her collection. “That’s actually the most fun part of designing, is pulling all the inspiration, drawing, and kind of putting it all together,” she said. She used a leaf pattern, inspired by the hikes she takes with her friends, on a jumpsuit and bathing suits. Dresses made with rainbow printed silk remind her of iridescent gems, while the most intriguing print is a pattern of mountains disguised as stripes.  “It looks just like a nautical stripe,” she said.

For footwear, Pleet collaborated with the Wolverine Company to create Wolverine 1000 Mile by SP. “The shoes are my dream shoes…so having a chance to design them has been a dream!” she said. She takes quality and construction seriously in her clothes and trusted Wolverine for the same standard in their shoes. “I love a lot of vintage styles, and sometimes they’re just not quite right and I’m looking for unexpected colors,” she said. The collection features leather and suede ankle boots, sandals, and oxfords in bright colors and color blocked neutrals.

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