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Este Cann, the star of “Chemical Factor” in our Frostbite issue, has more cool factor than an average health-food-pilates model. And she has a synth-pop band to back it up. Originally from Hungary and living in North London, she likes to paint acrylic abstracts, longboard, snowboard, swim, volunteer and cook, all while coaching a personal development class. Have you forgotten she’s a fashion model yet? As if she couldn’t get any busier, her band Spinning Fish, will be working on their demo this year.

When it comes to modeling, Cann generally does runway work, with castings about twice a week, most of them digital. Fittings vary, “Some weeks there is no fitting at all, other weeks I may work up to four to five days only doing fittings,” she says.

Once she has time to let loose, she’d rather stay in than go out. “On a night off I very rarely go ‘clubbing’,” she says. She spends most nights relaxing with her boyfriend, reading, watching a movie, or eating in with friends. She loves cooking fish, vegetables, and soup or visiting her friends to try their national home cooking. When she does go out, she enjoys a concert, the movies or goes dancing. “I love dancing sometimes, mainly for electronica. I’m not venue specific, rather music specific,” she says.

So what does a typical weekday look like for Cann? We’ve got all the details on her everyday schedule for an exclusive look into her model-meets-artist life.

6 am: Wake up, shower, get dressed, breakfast.

7 am: Walk to the bus stop, make my way to Central London (or other destination if travel is involved – hopefully there will be more of that in 2014).

8 am: Central London, job start.

10:30 am: Sitting in hair and makeup, getting dressed.

11 am: Start presentation/photo shoot/showroom modeling.

3-5-ish pm: Job finished. Make my way home, to a casting/meeting, hang out with a friend (at any pub or fair trade/organic coffee shop that’s nearby, especially Elixir near Euston and Mops&Brooms in Elstree), or go volunteering. Very rarely, if none of these apply, I love a Top Shop or Benetton sale.

6-7-ish pm: Arrive home, remove any residue of makeup, paint or go swimming.

6 pm once a week: Arrive at coaches meeting, do classroom with participants and leave at 11 pm.

7:30 pm: Have a light dinner.

8 pm: Coaching call with one of my participants.

8:30 pm: Work on songs/paintings or relax with a book, movie or my favorite series

10-11 pm: Go to bed (try to go to bed as early as I can but I rarely make it before 11pm).

What she’s reading: Richard Branson: Like a Virgin

Where she goes for date night: Busaba Eathai, The Roof Gardens

What TV series she’s watching: Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Arrested Development, Modern Family, American Dad, Ted Talks, anything from Brian Cox, Stephen Fry or Catherine Tate.

Check out more of Este Cann’s work at her website here