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Earlier this year, Papercut interviewed the young, headwear designer, Gloria Yu, and she told us that she hopes every woman will be wearing a headpiece someday. We caught up with her during New York Fashion Week this month for a first look at her Fall/Winter 2015 collection and to find out how she’s broadening her designs for autumn.

Regal crowns in plush fur, dangling chains, towering feathers, intricate beading and intertwined ribbon were the main pieces on exhibit. This collection titled, “Mad Girl’s Love Song,” stood in the middle of the gallery, almost too precious to stand near had Yu not suggested people try them on. “I think my crazy, sculpture crowns are my creative ambition running wild,” she said. Her avant-garde collection is about distant emotions, feelings we are afraid of, like a desert land. “We like looking at the beautiful, artistic picture of it, but we don’t want to experience it.” The thick, woven ribbons she used in her headpiece called, Prima, was inspired by her “less than fond” ballet days when she was younger, embodying the tender grace of a dancer.

But for those who aren’t ready to hit the streets in traffic-stopping crowns, some extend past the face and become masks, Yu also created her ready-to-wear collection of headbands, Yunotme. “I love dressing the everyday woman. I know, practically speaking, no one’s going to wear a crown,” she said. These more subdued counterparts also incorporate fur, ribbon, feathers and chains, but with a girlier vibe and much less commitment. There are even a few slightly more daring headbands for the risk taker, that form halos from nylon netting, silk knots and mesh. “I think my headbands are really comfortable to wear, they’re really liberating. I would love women with ambition feel empowered to wear my pieces.”

One of these ambitious ladies is Cressida Bonas, British actress and former girlfriend to Prince Harry. Yu hopes that her headwear will appeal to every woman, not just royals, as transitional accessories they can wear from day to night. “There really isn’t something in the market that is not so conventional…I love filling that gap.”

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