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Gloria Yu is in the midst of her debut as a headwear designer, launching her line Yunotme for the woman who doesn’t live her life unnoticed. Yu grew up in Hong-Kong with a family of doctors and moved to New York City to pursue fashion design at Parsons. Her geometric and edgy crowns are structured around silk-coated wires to make them comfortable and easily adjustable. Yu tells Papercut about her first collection, Quirks of Being a Wallflower, and what to expect from her line.

When did you begin designing? What year did you establish your brand?

Probably when I was young and my parents wouldn’t get me something so I had to make it for myself. We all start creating because we can’t get what we want otherwise, no? But designing Yunotme was just a few months ago, mid-summer 2014.

What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?

The latest collection, Quirks of Being a Wallflower, is about the singular attraction of not giving a crap. You know, that girl who stands out even though she doesn’t care about standing out, who knows that if she does what she does well, everything else will work its way out.

What materials and silhouettes do you prefer to work with?

I love working with silk as well as a variety of trims. I experiment with fabrics to see if I can achieve different textures and silhouettes. I like subtly dramatic silhouettes. Sometimes black helps with the subtlety.

Who do you design for? What type of women do you envision wearing your headpieces?

Women who are loud, women who are quiet. Simply women who are confident and not afraid to be themselves and a better version of that the next day.

What do you hope to contribute to fashion?

I don’t know what I could contribute to fashion, but hopefully through fashion I can contribute to the world to make it a better place!

What’s next for your design career?

Making sure every woman wants a headpiece on their head. Every day.

To see more from Gloria Yu, visit her website at Follow her on Instagram at @gloriayuonline.